Bellydance Group Class

Fundamentals | Japanese-Speaking Class

Please note: 

This class is currently conducted in Japanese, but please feel free to register your interest for bilingual class.


Tuesday: 08:05 pm (55 min)



This class is suitable for: 

  • Those who are new to bellydance or have limited experience
  • Those who have experience in belly dance but want to review the basics

We will learn the fundamentals of bellydance movements and combine them into sequences, possibly including simple choreographies. After mastering the basic techniques in this class, you are welcome to join the next level class.


What You Will Achieve:

  • Learn the fundamental movements of bellydance
  • Strengthen your inner muscles
  • Improve flexibility and coordination
  • Boost your confidence and body awareness
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a low-impact workout 

Beginner & Beyond  | Bilingual Class (English & Japanese)

Please note: 

We will be learning a new Japanese-inspired choreography using a fan veil from mid-June to the end of August. From September to mid-October, we will be rehearsing for an event scheduled in October. If you wish to join the class, we highly recommend starting either from mid-June or from the end of October.


Tuesday: 07:00 pm (55 min) 



This class is suitable for:

  • Those with some experience in bellydance (2 years or more).
  • Those who have been dancing for a while and haven't seen improvement in their dance

We will practice advanced techniques and choreographies compared to the basic class. Over approximately 3-4 months, we will complete one full routine. The choreography will include styles such as oriental, folkloric, and fusion. For those who wish to perform, there will be performance opportunities throughout the year.

You will also learn body articulation and breathing techniques, with a focus on highlighting each individual's unique beauty and potential.


What You Will Achieve:

  • Gain confidence to dance on the stage
  • Learn how to use your body effectively to create dynamic movements
  • Develop and refine your own dance style
  • Expand your understanding of musical interpretation, expression, and techniques
  • Deepen your knowledge of the background and history of belly dance

Information for Bellydance Class


Group Class Fees:

  • $30 (Casual) 
  • $80 (4 Classes | Valid for 6 weeks)

Payment method:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer 
  • Credit card (1.5% fee applies) 


Sydney City Ballet School, 5 Myrtle Street, North Sydney  


What to wear: 

Please wear gym wear or any comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. As outside shoes are not allowed, we recommend bringing socks for your comfort.


Please note: 

  • Please check the timetable and contact us to confirm your class to avoid disappointment.
  • Please do not video record during class. We will share videos later or allocate time for you to record yourself.
  • To ensure a comfortable environment for all students, we do not allow observers during the class.
  • We do not offer trial lessons, but you are welcome to join on a casual basis.