Japanese Fusion Dance GROUP Class

Level 1 | Semi Private Lesson | Bilingual Class (English & Japanese)

In this five-session course (75 minutes each class), you will master the basic techniques of using Japanese dance fans in the "Basara Mai®" style. You will also learn combinations of these techniques and practice dancing to music, enhancing your expressive abilities.


The first half of the course focuses on thoroughly learning the basic techniques. In the second half, you will experience the joy and nuances of dancing to music with a designated piece.


With a maximum of four participants, you will receive personalised instruction and feedback in a small group setting.


Upon completing this course, you will be ready to progress to the next level.

Information for Japanese Fusion Dance Class

Course Dates:

Since this is a semi-private lesson, there are no fixed dates. Once there are two or more participants, we will arrange the classes based on your preferred schedule.


Minimum Number of Participants:

2 participants


Course Fee:

$250 (75 minutes x 5 classes)

This course is only available as a complete package due to the difficulty of casual participation.


Payment method:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card (1.5% processing fee)


Sydney City Ballet School, 5 Myrtle Street, North Sydney

Other locations can be arranged upon request (additional travel and studio fees may apply).


What to wear: 

There is no specific dress code but please wear socks. Outside shoes are now allowed. 

If you wish to wear a kimono, please come in casual wear for the first lesson. 


What to Bring:

Japanese dance fans (舞扇子)

If you do not have a fan, we can provide one. Please let us know in advance as the number is limited.


Please note:

  • Class observations are not allowed. We offer trial lessons a few times a year.
  • At the end of each class, there will be an opportunity to record the choreography for practice, or we will send you a video. Please refrain from recording videos until then.

private lesson

Elevate your dance experience with personalised private lessons, available both at North Sydney studio and via Zoom.

These sessions are fully customised to meet your individual needs and goals, offering you the flexibility to focus on what truly matters to you.


Examples of What You Can Learn:

  • Preparing for a Kimono Show
  • Mastering Japanese Fan Techniques
  • Incorporating Japanese Fan Techniques into Other Dance Genres

Fees (Per Person):

  • $105 per hour (North Sydney Studio)
  • $90 per hour (via Zoom)

Interested in a private lesson? Contact us today to schedule your session and take your dance skills to the next level.