Japanese Fusion Dance

What is Japanese Fusion Dance?


Japanese Fusion Dance is a creative dance form that transcends traditional boundaries, allowing you to express your unique interpretation of "Japan". This innovative dance style blends elements from various dance genres, such as bellydance and jazz dance, with the graceful use of Japanese fans (舞扇子). The performances incorporate a wide range of music, from traditional Japanese instruments to modern tunes.


This dance form aims to showcase the beauty of Japan from a unique perspective, one that can be appreciated even more deeply when viewed from afar. Japanese Fusion Dance invites you to explore and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Japan through a contemporary lens, making it a captivating and enriching experience for both the performer and the audience.


Features of the Class

  • Lessons by a Modern Japanese Dance Master "Basara Mai®"
    Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of dancing with Japanese fans from a master instructor.

  • No Prior Knowledge or Dance Experience Required
    You don't need to have any background in traditional Japanese dance. This class encourages you to express "Japan" in your own unique way.

  • Respecting Tradition with a Modern Twist
    While honouring traditional Japanese arts, Japanese Fusion Dance adopts a contemporary approach to create new forms of expression.

Recommended For

  • Those who want to start a casual Japanese cultural activity
    Japanese Fusion Dance provides an accessible introduction to Japanese culture through a contemporary lens.

  • Dancers from other genres (e.g., burlesque, pole dance, jazz dance) who wish to incorporate Japanese elements into their routines
    Expand your dance repertoire by integrating the elegance and grace of Japanese dance elements.

  • Kimono lovers
    Experience the beauty and tradition of dancing in kimono, blending classic and modern styles.

  • Those who want to enhance their kimono performances with the use of props
    Learn how to skillfully incorporate Japanese fans to elevate your kimono performances.