about me

Hikaru Shine

Passionate and Experienced Bellydance Instructor with a Unique Japanese Fusion Twist


With over 17 years of experience in bellydancing, Hikaru has had the privilege of learning and performing in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Hikaru's journey in bellydance started as a pursuit of exercise but quickly evolved into a deep passion for the art form, its culture, and its music.


To continuously improve skills, Hikaru actively participates in workshops and private lessons with world-renowned choreographers and dancers. This commitment to learning ensures that Hikaru's students receive the highest quality of instruction.


As Hikaru's experience in dance expanded overseas, so did the desire to promote the beauty of Japanese culture. Hikaru studied with Yasmin Okuno, the creator of the modern Japanese dance "Basara Mai®," to master the art of Japanese fans. Hikaru is proud to hold the qualification of Basara Mai® Japanese Fan Master.


Hikaru incorporates Japanese elements into belly dancing and performs Japanese fusion using dance fans. Hikaru regularly performs and holds workshops in Australia, sharing this unique blend of dance with a broader audience.




2011: Keti A-Z Original & Advance Certificate

2014: Raks Egypt Japan Dance Festival Teachers Training

2018: Journey Through Egypt 1 & 2

Basara Mai® Japanese Fan Master